Keeping Cool

Let’s face it, you’re going to be sweating on your wedding day. Now add a blazing hot summer sun, one hundred family members and friends staring at you, and all of the swirling emotions that come with the “big day”. It seems that few people are comfortable discussing the inevitable questions that pop into their heads when the perspiration starts to roll. “Do I have pit stains? Can everyone see the beads of sweat on my lip? Am I dripping down the back of my leg?”  We all wish we could “glisten”, but sweating is undoubtably a fact of life and not a pretty one. While it cannot be avoided entirely, here are a few tips and tricks to give your mind and body a temperature fakeout and the ability to enjoy your day, bead-free.

Fabrics to Avoid, Fabrics to Cherish

Have you ever worn a top or dress that makes you feel like you’re sweating more? That feeling of constant moistness (I know, unsavory but necessary post) is a byproduct of synthetic materials. Though they are cost-effective, man-made fabrics that have zero absorbance and therefore cause you to feel all of the moisture that your body emits. This list includes a few bridal favorites you should try to avoid: Nylons, Acetate, Polyester, etc.

Something that generally doesn’t come up when dress shopping is fabric choice. Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and even lightweight wool blends do an amazing job of absorbing moisture and keeping you feeling dry, crisp, and cool. Quite frankly, if you are paying upwards of 1.5K, the fabrics should be of quality and drape your body in a most flattering and comfortable way (corsets excluded, or course). All fabrics should be included on the content tag located with the designer label, or near the hem on the innermost lining of the dress. Though it isn’t the utmost concern or selling point, take a peek at the fabrics as they speak to the quality and comfort of your prospective garment.

Design Details or Prospective Alteration Adjustments

It goes without saying that no one wants to raise their arms to dance and see or feel pit stains on their wedding gown. There are many, many ways to prevent this with sleek styles, playful details, or divisive alterations.

Dresses with mesh or tulle around the neckline and armholes are perfect for summer weddings. This includes any illusion bodice with cascading lace or beadwork that appears as if from nowhere, both beautiful and smart as a choice for any bride that is looking for a bohemian, princess, or romantic look.

For the sleek and modern bride, plunging side seams are a great summer style. This is also a great alteration to any dress in need of a subtle change or added comfort for the warmer months. Additionally, in the realm of adjustments be sure to ask your seamstress to lower the armholes in the event that the shoulders or straps of your dress need to be taken up.

There’s another design feature that many brides may never ponder: Removability. Think about that elegant dress you always wanted, but would kill you under the hot, humid sun. Well, you can wear it part of the time. A detachable skirt is the best example. It’s a pretty glorious thing when your ball gown dress suddenly transforms into a sleek evening gown just for your reception. Sleeves can depart, capelets thrown off; large, heavily-bead applique will go, and for some. get a second dress.  

One other thing that is cute, but not for everyone is a parasol. It’s very southern-belle but it will keep the sun off and your pictures will be insanely good.

Secrets for the Willing

I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade that I’ll lay down here. Some are from talking with brides like yourself, letting me know how they plan to escape the heat. I think it’s really great that I’m not the only one wracking my brain on this subject.

I love essential oils. Without getting too much into it, I basically see them as a tool in my toolbox to get this ever changing body through life! So what I found, and did for myself, was use peppermint oil. Put some in a roller-ball or put a dab on your fingertips. Then gently apply the oil to your wrists and temples, careful to keep it away from your eyes. The following sensation is refreshing and tricks your body into feeling cool so you can focus on the one you love.

For deodorant, I can recommend using a powder. They are simply more effective when the heat gets hot. You may like your current anti-perspirant, but this is the day to use your entire arsenal.

Pssst, pssst….. Not the sound of a secret but the gentle spritz of aerosolized spring water. I use it to spray my face on the regular, and you should use it for your special day.

Don’t forget to simply blot your sweat away. Nothing will compare to physically removing any beads or drips or puddles. You might even consider having a bridesmaid carry a handkerchief, or hold onto one yourself. A handkerchief scarf is also a viable and dainty option.

One last tidbit of advice I have, is to get ahead of the hotness. When you’re getting ready, have a chilled towel and hold on to it for dear life. Just make sure it doesn’t touch your dress to avoid water-spotting.

Thanks for reading and stay fresh, ladies.


I do have one more secret, but it’s for my custom brides...