Custom Bridal Gowns

Have a unique wedding gown made just for you.  Whether the dress of your dreams doesn't seem to exist, or you are looking for something beyond expectations, this may be the option for you. The process is simpler than you would think, and above all, it can be really fun!  A custom dress shouldn't cost you more than trying to find the right "one" off the rack and -bonus- includes all alterations.  Custom work is available by Consultation. Contact for more information.

bridework copy.jpg


Let's collaborate! Figure out what you want by sending reference photos or a Pinterest board. Your design will then be drawn out for approval. During a consultation we can decide what types of fabrics will be used to construct your gown among many other options.



The next step is to find the perfect fabrics in which to turn our creation into reality. This can be done by visiting the fashion district of Manhattan or by perusing the many samples within our studio. A deposit is required to begin purchasing fabrics.



As your dress begins to take form, you will be asked to return to our studio for a few fittings. This process can take many months and may include: making a mock-up, taking measurements, any possible redesign, and making sure the gown is form fitting.



You're getting married! It's time to show off your one of a kind dress. Relax and be yourself.