Are you accepting bridesmaids?

Sorry, We are no longer doing alterations for bridesmaid dresses.

Can I bring you regular/everyday clothes to alter?

Right now we are only focusing on brides for their wedding gowns or dresses for a second during look their wedding day.

How does the process work?

A typical bride needs 2-3 appointments over 2-6 weeks. Keep in mind this is the time frame we like to work on for you to have the best fit. Other places may work over more time.

You don’t have to have your dress in hand to make an appointment; simply make your first fitting for a week or two after you expect your gown to arrive.

When Should I come in for Alterations?

If you tend to fluctuate in weight, we advise coming in closer to your wedding date.  If you don't generally fluctuate in size, we suggest coming in earlier to guarantee we have availability for you. You may only come in for alteration 2 months before you wedding.

If you plan on losing any weight, you should book as close to your wedding as you feel comfortable to avoid alterations having to be repeated. 

If you plan on having a custom dress made, 4-6 months is ample time.

I need alterations in a week!

Okay, okay! The best way to achieve this is to send us an email at since we're not always available to answer a phone call. We will always try to make this work but availability can be an issue.

How much does alterations cost? 

Most wedding gown alterations fall between $350-$500. Rarer cases range from $250-$800.

Custom Bridal Gowns Start at $2,400 which includes the cost of alterations and style changes.

We do have a minimum of $300 for bridal customers. See our policy.

Whats the best way to get to your studio?

We're located off the Lorimer/Metropolitan stop along the L and G -Trains. Most brides chose to #treatyoself and take a cab. It's pretty difficult to take your most prized dress on the train.


If driving, our location is off westbound exit 32B Metropolitan Avenue, or eastbound exit 33 McGuinness Boulevard/Humboldt Street of the BQE.

If it's raining for your first or last, pick-up fitting,  I advise rescheduling to avoid any chance of water-spots on your dress.  Alternatively, you can come to your appointment, and pick up your dress on a later day when there is no inclement weather!

Can I bring guests?

Of Course! More than two guests is not recommended. In order for the appointment to run as smooth as possible, please ask your guests to respect Diana's expertise.

Do I need these alterations?

Diana's team won't pressure you into having work done that you don't need. Her experience lends good advice so your dress fits and looks it's best on you.

Why does my dress look different than the sample in the store?

A few reasons. The consultant at the salon will most likely order you a different size dress than what you tried on.

The box they have you standing on can actually be misleading to how the the dress will actually lay. Unless of course you're going to wear 6 inch heels for your wedding.

The bridal clips put on you in the store don't represent how actual alterations function. Basically, they're selling you a dress, not telling you how to do your alterations.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Any special undergarments that you plan on wearing with your gown should be worn to your appointments. You don't necessarily need the shoes you plan on wearing but we do need to know the height of the heels.