Our Story



Empathy. That is where Diana’s dresses come from; and sincerity, and tenderness, honesty, kindness and the joy of creating and sewing. This is the ethos which we subscribe. There is no salacious seduction or false promise, but the allure is there to a Bride that is sweet and self-respecting. Our gowns are there for the woman who is committed to romance and the purity of love everlasting.

A wedding is a marvelous celebration of love between two people. As dressmakers, that is what we believe in and it is a truth that compels us to give our greatest efforts again and again. That is why we come to work every day. We are trusted to bring our genuine selves to present the genuine Bride.

Our commitment is to create wedding dresses that are one-of-a-kind. When we do produce a line, each dress will be in limited production. With this, our goal will be to bring to New York City, dresses that are coveted for both their beauty and rarity.

So often we see brides succumb to the pressure of perfection, and we feel that it is in the imperfections that we can be truly celebrated.

We are your Genuine guide;
The space between two hearts.
At the end of the earth,
Enlocked by golden rings-
There is no more but which we have found
in one another.

How it all started

Diana Deane is a bridal designer currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York with her husband Levi and her son Oscar. After eight years of experience in bridal and luxury alterations, Diana saw a need for a FUN experience for the joy-filled bride. Over the last three years, Her foundation was built on local brides seeking a stress-free experience for alterations and custom work. Her dresses are inspired by both the fabrics she chooses and an appreciation for draping, surface design, and vintage pieces. She designs from a sincere and kind point of view, fueled with personal Passion.