Product Overview

All products available on this website may also be purchased at wholesale value by valid retailers.  For more information on wholesale accounts, please contact us at  347-715-3025, or email at 


Silk Products

Silk Products-


We offer a small selection of batch dyed items. The silk is washed to create a soft and velvety texture. All silks have frayed edges remaining for a rustic vibe.

  • Ribbon

  • Table Runners

  • Handkercheif

-Ribbon can be ordered in five yard increments and is available  at 3/4",  1" and 2" widths. 

-Table Runners may be ordered at 25" and  42" widths and in lengths of 108" and 144". Please call for custom sizes.

-Handkerchief squares available in 18" and 24"

Silk Colors

Custom Colors and Dip-Dyed Available.

 Charleston Belt

Charleston Belt


While Diana Deane normally offers custom belts designed for in-studio clients, there are a few select pieces available for wholesalers. These items are available after being a popular choice for bridal clients.

All belts are made with Swarovski Crystals and pearls. The choice of using fine materials is the choice to produce high quality pieces at a moderate price. 

  • The Charleston Belt is elegant and simple with an air of fine jewelry. It sticks out for both bridal and luxury wear.
  • The Elizabeth Belt has a blend of small medium and large pearls with a mix of rhinestones hidden beneath for peaks of brilliance.
  • The Oceana Belt is simple with a size and color mix of rhinestones to produce dimension. 



Our Veils are sourced to be the softest and lightest. The Tulle used is 108" wide giving these veils a more full look.  Combs come in Gold-plated and Silver.

Veils are available in Diamond White and Ivory.


Simple Veils 95"

Flower Veils: Simple Silk Twill Flowers, or Delicate Silk Organza Flowers


Lace Veil 45"

Eye Masks


Eye Masks are a great gift idea, whether for a bride gifting her bridesmaids or vice-versa, or simple to treat yourself.  All eye masks are silk-satin except our knit varieties.

Mainstay Colors in Silk Satin:

  • Pink
  • Blue

Mainstay Colors in Silk Satin With Lace:

  • Pink with White Lace
  • Blue With White Lace
  • Blue With Black Lace
  • Black With Black Lace

Knit Varieties change seasonally

Please call or email for current selection